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Moving toward evenness

Posted on 03/03/2024 at 2:46 AM

Very nice representation of shift in a before and after from a single session here at Rolfing Iowa. My clients more lateral rotated left leg moves out to give more width to his stance and in doing so stabilizes and creates a more horizontal pelvis which is one of the goals in this kind of bodywork. As his left leg moves out it allows his right side to get longer from hip crest to his axilla and the overall presentation in his shoulder girdle is more even that it was. His head is moving right to left and there is more length in his posterior neck and his spine is more aligned. In the after picture, he has much more even weight distribution into the ground, and we are striving for a more equal weight distribution where each leg is more equal in the aspect of weight bearing.

The tall just keep getting taller

Posted on 02/20/2024 at 11:30 PM


Good example in this before and after image from a single session of my client lifting out of her hips. Both sides from the hip crest to axilla lengthen evenly and that length goes up her midline through her head. Her right lower leg moves slightly more medial than her left leg to give her pelvis better support and her right leg before was more laterally rotated than her left leg prior to this session. There are many things that contribute to shortening in the area from the hip crest to the 12th rib and in Rolfing we are interested in creating space there for a more integrated structure that allows for more fluidity in movement.                           


Posted on 02/04/2024 at 11:35 PM

Dramatic movement in a before and after from a single session. This is an unusual amount of movement in the reduction of flexion in my client’s thighs moving him toward a much better vertical alignment. His lower leg follows along directionally in moving more toward the vertical. In Rolfing we are trying to make gravity your friend by having a more vertical alignment, so you are more balanced in the field of gravity. By reducing the flexion in his thighs his height increases measurably. Everything above his pelvis stays uniformly similar with a little less anterior tilt in the lumbar spine in the after picture.

Softening the Knee Joint

Posted on 01/22/2024 at 8:26 PM

Nice representation of improvement in “the lateral line” in my client from a before and after from a single session. When the knees are locked it compresses the joint, decreases mobility, increases friction, and can reduce blood flow.  In the after picture there is less of a locked leg presentation in the knees and increased ease with a more “soft knee” structure. Moving up her body her rounded shoulders ease allowing lift in the rib cage and her head moves back to a better position on her shoulder girdle while maintaining her eyes on the horizon orientation and gaining overall length in her tall structure. Increasing your energy through better alignment, allowing gravity to be a supporting force, and is a central tenet in the Rolfing paradigm.



Hips Don't Lie

Posted on 01/08/2024 at 9:24 PM

A good representation here of a before and after from a single session. It’s hard to overstate the importance of the hips being more horizontal. Misalignment is this area create a host of issues which can keep a practitioner occupied for some time. My clients left leg moves medial to give better support for her structure. Her left and right sides from the iliac crest to the axilla are much more even in the after session. That movement goes all the way up her back through her head creating more height in her structure. The Rolfing process works toward getting more alignment and helping a person’s body move with more fluidity and less pain that helps them in their everyday lives.

Working at cross-purposes with Bodybuilders

Posted on 12/11/2023 at 10:36 PM

Nice before and after image from a single session with my bodybuilding client. Here you can see how reducing the flexion in his very developed thigh muscles allows his line to materialize better with more verticality. That line continues up his body and we made space for his head to move back and sit on top of his shoulder girdle without disturbing his eyes on the horizon orientation for an overall distinctly better lateral line presentation. In Rolfing we are attempting to create ease in a person’s structure with less strain. So, in some ways we are working at cross purposes with some of the goals of bodybuilders in general when they are working in concentric contraction creating more bulk or mass in certain muscle groups for effect in how they are judged in their performance routines. Bodybuilding is about building aesthetic muscle, so bigger physiques have always been admired.


Helping the Small Stand Tall

Posted on 11/27/2023 at 3:34 PM

Great representation in a before and after from a single session. The movement is left to right and all the way up the body through her head down the centerline. Ideally, we are looking for weight distribution that allows each leg to bear 50 % of the person’s total weight. Her left leg moves medially allowing a more horizontal presentation in the pelvis which in the Rolfing perspective is one of key focus areas for alignment. With the dramatic left to right movement in her body the musculature of her lower right leg moves slightly more medially moving the right foot minimally more lateral with the bearing of the additional weight going down the right leg. This is a significant shift in a single session creating better alignment with more verticality.


Lateral Line Expansion

Posted on 11/14/2023 at 7:06 PM

Great example of moving toward the vertical with this before and after from a single session. In the Rolfing process we are trying to get as much verticality that a client can support. So, no artificial posturing to this regard. Whatever the client can support so it might not look as good as some posture that they can get with strain, so the main point is that they can support their position with ease. With my client the area above the hip crest to the 12th rib gets longer and opens and continues up her lateral line through her head. The lift is visible on her front side and her shoulder girdle repositions posteriorly and her head moves up and back.

Scoliotic Pattern

Posted on 10/31/2023 at 5:56 PM

Significant movement in this before and after picture from a single session. In most cases the cause of scoliosis is unknown. Generally, I would not get this much shift in a single session working with this pattern. As her right side lengthens her pelvis moves toward an even horizontal presentation and allows her left shoulder girdle to rotate anteriorly and brings her left arm along in the same direction and lengthens her posterior neck. There is corresponding movement in her right shoulder girdle although much less than the left moving back posteriorly. Rolfing Iowa remains a premier choice for those who are seeking full body integration in their structure and are involved in the quest to feel good again in their body.

Shifting Weight Distribution

Posted on 10/17/2023 at 4:57 PM

Nice before and after image from a single session.  In the Rolfing process we try to get equal weight distribution going down each leg. In the before image, you can see more weight going down the right leg and in the after picture much more equal weight distribution down both legs. Her weight is shifting from right dominant to a more equal distribution of weight going down both legs. Her lower left leg moves medially and is better aligned to allow more weight into the ground. Her left thigh is better positioned to support the pelvis and her hips remain horizontal. This right to left movement goes from her right foot all the way up to her head.

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