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Athletic and Injury Specific Rehabilitation

Frank Epstein with patientFor those clients seeking immediate relief in a particular area (shoulder, neck, knee) due to athletic or injury specific rehab  without going through the traditional multi-session series, spot work can help alleviate pain and stress associated with these short-term events or injuries.

With this kind of bodywork the goal is to get as much relief as possible into an area of strain in a single session. This is done with the caveat that there are other areas in one's body creating the discomfort that is felt in the shoulder or hip etc. and we are going to attempt to get the most gain into the area of complaint in a single session.

Some people after achieving satisfactory relief into their area of discomfort go on to do the multi-session  process work later in time. Some people prefer to get spot work intermittently as they need it and that suits their purpose for what they were wanting to accomplish.

I give my opinion on what might serve a client best however it is the client who chooses their course of action.

I maintain a full time practice in Des Moines, Iowa. To receive more information or to schedule an appointment, I can be reached at (515) 274-3417 or e-mail

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