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Valgus Legs (commonly referred to as knock-knees)

Posted on 10/08/2017 at 12:03 AM

In these before and after pictures from a single session you can see my clients weight shift from left to right with her head more down the centerline of her body. Her left lower leg changes its orientation and allows for the left foot to be grounded securely and overall has more symmetry in the angulation of both the lower left and right leg. In the after picture there is more even balance of weight going down her legs into the ground. In the before picture  a disproportionate amount of her total weight is going down the left leg and after the session much more even is the distribution of weight.  Many people feel that the Valgus (my client here) or the opposite pattern Varus (bowlegs) is not amenable to change The Rolfing® Structural Integration process takes a different view of these patterns and others and works toward creating more balance and ease in your body.

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