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Reduce Stress

Releasing Stress through Rolfing® Structural Integration

Most often, the need for Rolfing® is stress-related. It may be due to stress resulting from an accident, athletics or repetitive motion; or it may be the psychological stress that we all endure. For example, an old childhood injury may be compounded by a sports injury and then accentuated by a minor auto accident. Six months after the auto accident, in spite of all that has been done to get well, pain still lingers. 

Many therapies treat recent conditions with success, but a chronic condition may actually underlie the most recent injury. To relieve the pain of the recent injury, the chronic tension needs to be released. When your body is tight, and it experiences one too many traumas, it no longer has any resilience. Simply put, even the healthiest body will reach a place where there is no more room for stress. Your body will remain tense until the older trauma is released as well as the more recent trauma. Rolfing® Structural Integration addresses these long-held traumas as well as the more recent traumas.

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