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Enhance Athletic Performance

Whether you are a highly trained athlete or an amateur looking to get back into training,rolfing structural integration increases performance significantly by reducing symptomatic stiffness and tightness of muscles and improving flexibility and balance of the body as a whole.

Rolfing® Structural Integration to Improve IT Band Issues

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More localized problems that many athletes face are, in reality, the result of a general imbalance throughout the body. Consider a common performance issue – a tight Illiotibial band (a.k.a. the “IT Band”). Many practitioners may use massage or stretching on the outside of the thigh to treat this issue. In reality, treating the IT Band requires an understanding of how this tendon extends from the combination of the Gluteus Maximus and Tensor Fascia Lata muscles, and how it is also affected by the Gluteus Medius and Minimus muscles. If the sides and front-rear of the pelvis in the muscle-fascia parts are first lengthened, one can then spread the fascia down the IT Band and it feels better, improving performance.

These problems are addressed specifically through structural integration in a way that goes far beyond traditional sports massage and stretching. By addressing the basic structure of the body, how it moves, how muscles power motion and drive athletic performance, we can improve the body’s performance by properly aligning its basic structure.

Muscle pulls, stiffness and tightness that inhibit athletic performance are part of a larger picture addressed through Rolfing® Structural integration. What is the result of structural integration for athletes? Less discomfort, fewer bone and joint issues and a greater overall feeling of freedom of movement throughout the body.

In most cases, persistent training issues that rob the body of performance are simply manifests of issues within the body’s core structure. We know that many muscle and joint problems are actually caused by soft connective tissue problems, specifically:  short, hard and soft connective tissue in and around the muscles that is rarely stretched out and almost never massaged out.

By examining the unique “form” of each body practitioners of Rofling® Structural Integration provide a unique game plan for each athlete.

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