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Agreement Terms
Because a Rolfer®-Massage Therapist must be aware of any physical conditions that I have, I have listed all my known medical conditions and physical limitations, and I will inform my therapist (Frank Epstein) of any changes in my health. I understand and agree that (1) a Rolfer®-Massage Therapist neither diagnoses illness, disease, or any medical, physical, or mental disorder, nor performs any spinal manipulations. (2) I am responsible for consulting a qualified physician for any ailments requiring a diagnosis. I agree that all the services that are rendered to me are charged directly to me and I am responsible for payment. I agree to pay for all scheduled appointments that I am unable to keep unless I notify my therapist at least 24 hours in advance.
Acceptable Payment Methods
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Cancellation Policy
No charge will be incurred for cancellation notification given at least 24 hours from the time of the scheduled session. Likewise, no charge will be incurred for cancellation given in less than 24 hours lead time when the appointment is subsequently re-booked with another client. If the appointment time is not resheduled with another client for the same time you were originally scheduled you will be responsible for payment in full. All parties are responsible for handling career and other life demands that compete with the time of the scheduled session appointment. By submitting this form, you indicate that you have read these policies.
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