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Clarissa Schmidt

Frank is absolutely an advanced Rolfer! I made huge improvements through the 10-session full series and loved it. He helped my body come back into alignment, allowing my walking gait to become fluid, stable and effortless. The pelvis has been priority and that came back into balance from an anterior tilt, rotation and one side elevated (which affected a lot of other areas). The shoulder girdle feels much better. Posture improved, chronic tension/tightness in multiple areas improved along with more range of motion. I can breathe easy, walk easy and feel relaxed after years of feeling "trapped" and limited in a tight constricting body. My movements feel easy, the body is stronger, and my training has improved (calisthenics/yoga/weights/running/any movement). There has been a huge physical and energetic improvement/shift to say the least. The domino effect of years of compensations, protecting and trauma throughout my body have become balanced/relieved. The nervous system feels reset. I'm amazed at his knowledge of the entire body, and I always recommend Rolfing & Frank to everyone. It has improved my life greatly!

Barbara Breen
I am a professional bodyworker and have been on the receiving end of many different types of bodywork over the last 30 years. Rolfing is an extraordinary type of soft tissue work that can address both your pain and your relationship with gravity. My posture and gait have been transformed by Rolfing, both with the initial ten sessions, and now, post-ten work. Frank Epstein brings a wonderful combination of skill, knowledge and healing art to his practice. I recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is seeking relief from chronic pain, especially if you have enjoyed soft tissue work, but felt like your practitioner wasn't quite getting to the root of your problem. Rolfing may be the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you live a pain-free life.
Robin Sprafka
Rolfing with Frank Epstein has changed my life. For thirty years I carried 15-18 lbs. of gear around my waist, wore a bullet proof vest and walked in combat boots. If that isn’t enough to mess with my body, I am also an avid horseperson and have been since the age of 5. Between work and pleasure I have had my share of sprains, strains and pulls. Luckily no broken bones. I have been receiving chiropractic work for painful lower back and hips for about 10 years and it has helped immensely. But always thought there had to be more out there that could help me feel even better. I am one of those people that take good care of my horses. They also receive chiropractic and about six months ago I discovered Nancy Rose an “Equine Rebalancer”. Nancy worked wonders on a horse for me that had sustained a broken hip as a baby. She also filled me on Frank Epstein’s Rolfing. I gave it some thought and chose to take as good care of me as I do my horses and made an appointment to meet with Frank. After just one session I was (no kidding) two inches taller. The old lady hump in my back started to diminish and I had just a bit of a waistline. I was hooked! Each successive appointment showed more improvement. Frank assisted me in walking properly and to hold my body accountable to the new things it was learning. I have recommended Frank Epstein to all my friends and clients, because we all deserve to feel better, have more energy and stay healthy!!!
Steve Hanson
I purchased the ten session package, and now I am going back monthly for maintenance . Frank's knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy enable him to identify areas that need attention. He is constantly checking during the session asking how does that feel to make sure the pressure used is appropriate to the area on which he is working. He begins and ends each session having me walk to check alignment before and after adjustment. Frank will work beyond our time session to complete the work needed to his satisfaction. I am taller now after he opened the muscles in my back to allow me to stand straighter. He explained what he was doing for me and what changes I needed to make to maintain the adjustment gained from the 10 sessions. Frank has a sharp eye for detail which impressed me in the things he noticed in my stance.
Mike Morrison
Positive: Professionalism I have worked with Frank since 2008-09 when I was heavy into Ironman triathlons. I did 3 Ironmans in 12 months, culminating with Ironman Hawaii in Oct 2010. There is no way I make it to my ultimate goal w/o the bodywork Frank provided to keep me healthy to consistently train at a high level. Today I am no longer competing, but I still see Frank regularly to prevent future issues. We only have one body.... treat it well! Franks expertise is one essential component is doing so.
Crystal Garrison
I contemplated scheduling with Frank for 3 years. Made an appointment to resolve a nagging hip pain. Finally, relief after 5 sessions and I plan on continuing. Wished I would scheduled sooner. Frank is intuitive in his work to resolve a physical challenge!
Jenny Stumme
Frank is the best of the best! He did an amazing job. He’s a highly skilled rolfer who is clearly an expert in the body’s structure and how to relieve pain. Absolutely recommend him - he’s a total pro!
Zach Wiser

I have been dealing with a chronic back injury since i was 16. Since the pandemic the pain went from intense but sporadic to intense and constant. I’ve been working with Frank some months now and he has helped me heal and realign my body and improved my daily pain immensely. I cannot recommend Frank enough to anyone with pain, or who simply need to get their body back to optimal posture and health. He’s also a cool human.


Frank is dedicated to his clients in alleviating their pain. He is a healer in the true sense of the word.

Rolfing is an advanced (IMHO) form of therapy that works with gravity, bringing balance back . I have been continuously Rolfed since the mid 70's. It has prevented serious back surgery as well a freedom from pain. The Midwest is fortunate to have Frank as an advanced Rolfer with numerous years of experience. I completely trust him with my health.

Sherry Fitzpatrick

Knowledgeable, Professional, Caring

I found Rolfing Iowa business cards late fall of 2020, while waiting to pay for a purchase at the counter of Brown’s Shoe Store in Ankeny, IA, and, long story short, that is how I discovered Frank Epstein of Des Moines, Iowa.

I am 56 years old, and in very good health. I eat healthy foods, limit alcohol consumption, maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. I called Rolfing Iowa because of age related stiffness that had eventually turned into regular pain patterns. In order to have unrestricted FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY again, I determined the connective tissue within my body needed to be re-set with proper alignment.

I am very pleased with the end results of Rolfing sessions with Frank. Specifically, I no longer experience plantar facia in my feet, and my feet no longer point noticeably outward when I walk. To my pleasant surprise, I observed with my daily warm-up stretches, that the properly aligned change in my feet and legs gave me better BALANCE - something I hadn’t anticipated. Besides my feet and legs, Frank also gave me relief from the deep neck and shoulder pain - which I had struggled with for a lifetime - from pitching softball in high school in combination with life stress.

All combined, Rolfing has made huge difference in my daily life. From the mundane of having balance and flexibility while standing on a ladder and reaching with a paintbrush, the routine of getting out of bed and immediately walking without pain in my feet, the thrill of bicycling with mobility that doesn’t provoke soreness, or the joy of picking up the grandchildren with strength and confidence, my Rolfing session experiences were priceless. I am thankful that fate led me to the Rolfing Iowa business card - in a business that I've trusted for a lifetime. Mostly, I am grateful for the small business owner of Rolfing Iowa, Frank Epstein. With his attention to detail, knowledge and skill, Frank helped me achieve what I couldn’t have done myself for my health and well-being.

p.s. I also no longer wear those very expensive “good” foot inserts for feet and knee pain!

Nancy Johnson-Rose, D.O.

After retiring from my medical practice, I have had three life-changing things happen to my body.

First, I had my neck vertebrae (C2-T1) fused, which greatly limited my neck range of motion.

Next, I had a severe case of meningitis, which left me completely deaf and with no remaining vestibular (balance) system. When I learned to walk again, I was very forward bent, always having to look down to prevent myself from falling. Unfortunately, however, I have had multiple falls which ended up shifting my fascia.

Then, I broke both of my legs in a horse riding accident. After surgery and weeks in a wheelchair, I had to learn to walk all over again.

At the age of 66, I ended up with a very tight musculoskeletal system, poor posture, significantly decreased
energy and altered vision from the way my head was setting on my shoulders. I felt like I was living in someone else’s body, and I didn’t like it.

After my first 3 sessions with Frank, I regained normal posture and significantly improved balance, breathing, range of motion, flexibility and vision. Most dramatic has been receiving the gift of increased ENERGY to continue doing the activities I love.

Frank is very experienced in fascial work and truly gifted. I highly recommend him to those of you who:

- spend hours a day forward bent over a computer
- have had accidents, surgeries or repetitive trauma that undoubtedly twisted you fascia
- are developing arthritis of the spine leading to unbalanced, forward bent posture
- have noticed diminished energy doing your day-to-day activities
- want to feel and move like you are 10-20 years younger

Robert Peterson, Retired DDS.

"I have had the pleasure of being exposed to Rolfing several years ago.In choosing a Rolfer, I look at their educational qualifications and experience and found that Frank's qualifications were what I was looking for. I am now very aware of the benefits of Rolfing. After foot surgery on both feet to correct 2nd toe disarticulation problems and the resulting scar tissue formation that made walking very painful I found myself walking on the outside of my feet. Not good. Frank listened and addressed my complaint by manipulating my feet  and breaking down the post surgical scar tissue. Frank suggested several foot exercises over a period of several  sessions where he worked with my feet, upper legs and back issues that had me compensating my posture while walking. I am now able to walk freely and comfortably. I am a very active 88-year old and I cannot began to tell you how nice it is to walk pain free. Thank you Frank. I will and would not hesitate to recommend you."

Rita Morgin

Best rolfer in the state of Iowa. He's got Advanced Rolfing credentials and encourages feedback. I have learned a lot and improved my walking since coming here

Andrea Hansen

Frank is great at using his advanced training in massage and rolfing to help his clients achieve their therapeutic goals. He's very professional and communicates well from the start with intake, appointment reminders, and throughout your sessions.

Tilly Perry

I’ve had chronic back pain for the past 3 years. I’ve known about Rolfing but haven’t tried it yet and decided to finally book an appointment at Rolfing Iowa. My first session was great! Frank took the time to learn about my pain areas, we did some before and after “tests” to evaluate pain treatment, and we took pictures of my posture before and after the first session and I was so surprised to see a difference, I thought it would take a handful of sessions before change would be visibly noticeable.

Anyways, I’ve purchased a 10-session “pack” and am excited to update my review after my 10th session. The day after my first session feels really good, definitely less pain already. 5/5 stars for Frank! Give him a call if you’re experiencing pain, he’s been doing this for a long time and really knows his stuff.

Robert Margeas, DDS

I have been going to Frank Epstein regularly for over a decade for Rolfing sessions. His work has helped me extensively with the wear and tear from my busy dental practice and extensive travel schedule with lecturing. Frank’s Rolfing sessions has allowed me to continue my life feeling great!!!

Chris Rounds

Great experience and even better results. I have struggled with back pain for 20 years, finding only slight relief after surgery. I am pain free after just five sessions and look forward to continuing my treatment. Changes to my posture are dramatic each session. Thank you Frank for your gift of pain free living and excellent advice to help me maintain my health.

Deann Hensley

I have been going to Frank for over a year and always leave feeling more in tune with my body. I had neck/shoulder pain for years and rolfing has been the only solution to really alleviate that pain, as well as, give me an overall sense of wellbeing being. Thanks Frank!

Scott Wallis

Frank has been instrumental in getting me moving normally again. I don't have the daily pain that led me to seek treatment with him, and I've been able to work out regularly again.

T.J. Tollakson, Professional Triathlete

T.J. Tollakson"Rolfing by Frank Epstein is my new secret weapon for training. I am adding Rolfing to my already long list of treatments and therapies to help my body perform at the absolute highest level. When economy of motion is absolutely critical during and eight-hour race for Ironman, I need to get every mechanical advantage and efficiency from my body. Frank is helping to maximize my output in training and racing through Structural Integration bodywork."

Sherry Ellingson

"After many years of chronic pain in my back,knees,hips,and ankles.I am now pain free. I have been a runner for over 20 years and have had to take frequent breaks from my training schedule due to these nagging pains. Ever since going through the 10 sessions recommended by Frank , I have been able to workout without any breaks in my schedule. I use to go to the chiropractor 2-4 times a month to keep myself aligned. I haven't needed an adjustment for over a year and a half, since I started the ten series."

John Kromminga, Ultra Marathoner

"I had been getting spasms in my upper back about every two to three months. This had been going on for at least ten years. I was able to control the symptoms but I could not find anything to prevent the spasms from occurring. I tried everything including chiropractic treatments, active release treatments and massage. I saw many Doctors including my family Doctor, Sports Medicine Doctors and various Orthopedic Doctors. Since I started the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, I have not had any back spasms. In addition, my posture has improved and the tension in my shoulders and back is gone. I have not had any spasms in over eight months." 

Renita Shanahan

"I have tried many things but they would bring just temporary relief. When I went through the Rolf Method of Structural Integration it changed my life. I was taking medicine for acid reflux and headaches; now, I no longer take either. I used to wake up every morning with neck and back pain. I now sleep well and wake up feeling great."

Tracy Rosenberg, M.S., Exercise Science

"A retired personal trainer, I remain committed to fitness and prioritize being physically acitve. Recently I discovered the amazing benefits of Rolfing. Within two sessions I noticed improved aerobic endurance, greater range of motion, and overall musculoskelatal balance. Rolfer Frank Epstein conducts these sessions with the highest level of  professional focus and expertise. I highly recommend it!" 

Peg Rasmussen

"For over three years, due to lower back pain, I've found it difficult to sit through an entire performance at the Civic Center without constantly fidgeting in my seat to find a comfortable position.  Recently, I attended a 90 minute performance at the Civic Center after my third of ten Rolf Structural Integration sessions.  I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the performance to realize that I had not moved the entire night.  I have no doubt this change was due to the treatment received in these first three sessions.  I look forward to completing the series and the benefits that await."

John C.

"I went to Frank with problems stemming from my professional life that required more and more time sitting at a desk and working on a computer. I began to notice positive changes almost immediately. I found that Frank's methods dramatically improved my posture and flexibility. As an avid golfer,this led to added  stability,and increase in swing speed and lower scores. I highly recommend Frank for anyone looking to regain their edge." 

Leasa Larson

"A friend of mine, who is a Chiropractor in Boulder, told me about Rolfing/Structural Integration and I started looking into it. That's when I found Frank. I was very encouraged after even just my first appointment with him. Standing up from the table after that first session, I felt as though an electric current was charging through me. I'm very in tune with my body and I knew changes were taking place. After several sessions I started to notice moments during the day that I didn't have pain. This was a new feeling for me as the norm has been chronic/constant pain of differing levels. The moments became hours and then days. Although I'm not completely pain free every single day, I've started being active again and have joined a gym for the first time in 10 years! The Des Moines 1/2 Marathon is in October and Frank and I are working steadily to get me there. I feel like the Rolf Method, for me and my injury, has taken both the Chiropractic and deep tissue massage to a whole new plain. I don't do either anymore. I visit Frank twice a month and I can't imagine that I would ever stop, being pain free isn't something I thought I could ever attain and here I am!! Thank you Frank!!!"

Annette Chance, D.O.

"Overall I have had a great experience with Rolfing Structural Integration. After each session I feel more grounded and my spine feels lengthened. I feel taller and more fluid with my body in motion and have more posture awareness. I feel like I am finally getting my body back after having my twins. Thank You." 

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