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Celebrate your life without pain and discomfort

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Improve Alignment and Body Movement

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Frank Epstein

My job is to facilitate physical change that alleviates pain while allowing your body freer movements and better alignment.

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Stop Pain. Start Living.

At Rolfing Iowa  my goal is to bring your body into a new alignment that improves physical abilities and establishes better balance and greater flexibility. By releasing the deep soft tissue of the body, you will feel relief from chronic tension and back pain. You'll enjoy increased energy, ease of movement, improved posture and a sense of emotional wellbeing. If you've been participating in other bodywork modalities for pain relief with little success,Rolfing can give you the results you desire.

Traditional Rolfing®

Using the traditional 10 series guide, physical pressure is used to stretch and organize the conncective tissue, allowing for more efficient, flexible movement.

Massage Therapy

In contrast to traditional massage therapy, I offer neuromuscular and myofascial release. A good starting point for traditional Rolfing®.

Relieve Aches and Chronic pain

Developed in the 1950s as way to "unlock" pain, Rolfing® (named for its founder, Ida Rolf) is distinct from massage and chiropractic work.

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