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Into Balance

Posted on 07/22/2024 at 1:31 AM

Nice representation of a before and after from a single session. My client had hurt her back and right hip in a home construction project that led to significant disabling pain for several months. The movement is left to right and up. In the after picture there is ability to bear weight into the injured right hip and right leg and there is a little less lateral rotation in that lower leg. One of the goals in the Rolfing process is to get more equal weight distribution going down each leg into the ground. More balance and getting structurally integrated will always be on the agenda in one way or another. Many of the things that create distortion in our structure will create patterns of imbalance and much of what we are doing in the Rolfing process is restoring the balance to enable better movement with less pain.

Spotwork or Series

Posted on 07/09/2024 at 12:35 AM

Nice before and after from a single session from a young athlete that was in town for a short time and so only had a single session with him and got some good improvement in his structure. His lateral line is much improved by reducing his locked leg profile allowing more play in the knee area and less flexion in his thigh. In Rolfing we are trying to have an equal amount of body mass forward and behind an imaginary lateral line that would be different for each person, so it is not a plumb line. In this example there is a more even amount of body mass behind and forward of his line with his head moving back which is helpful to his structure and his eyes remain level in trajectory.  Over time if I could work with him again would be able to make further gains in the Rolfing process. The goal is changing alignment toward integration which helps with many kinds of pain issues. Since this is process oriented bodywork, one needs to accept that it will take a multisession protocol otherwise it can quickly evolve into a different kind of spotwork which can be alright if one is educated on the difference and then chooses what direction they want to go. Various forms of spotwork are what is generally being offered in the health care marketplace by the variety of health care providers that work within the constraints of what insurance reimburses. Rolfing as it was designed is outside of the insurance network so not constrained by all their limitations which should be good for you!

Great representation of a before and after a ten session Rolfing series

Posted on 06/25/2024 at 12:14 AM

This animated image is representing my client before her first session and after the tenth session which is the traditional way of how Rolfing is implemented. She is very attentive to detail in her body with all things movement related and actively involved in a multi-disciplinary approach to her own overall health. Although tall to begin with she gained height throughout the series. Less flexion in her thighs allows her pelvis to shift back and creates a more refined lateral line in profile. Her head is better positioned on top of her shoulder girdle and has a lengthened posterior neck with less tension while maintaining her vision on the horizon.

Nice Rotational Movement

Posted on 06/10/2024 at 9:23 PM

Very nice rotational movement in the pelvis and significant shift in the right leg in a before and after from a single session. His right foot moves from a lateral orientation to more toward the parallel which rotates his right lower leg so that the gastrocnemius is more posterior where it should be and has moved from a more medial position. As his right leg rotates more toward the parallel it allows his pelvis to move left to right which gives greater balance and much more equal weight distribution going down both legs for an overall more even weight distribution into the ground and his entire right side comes up for a more integrated structure.

It's about the Hips

Posted on 05/27/2024 at 11:57 PM

Good example in a single session in the before and after of getting a horizontal hip presentation.  In this picture you can see the elevation in her right hip has shifted down making her overall structure more even. Her hips are more horizontal and more even left and right from the hip crests to the axilla and there is a corresponding slight increase in overall length. The belief is in creating a better overall alignment with individuals translates into a better movement pattern with less pain.

Impressive First Session

Posted on 05/13/2024 at 11:50 PM

Impressive before and after from a first session picture! Her hips become more even or horizontal which is a primary focus in the Rolfing process and both shoulder girdles follow along with being more even. Most notably her side body on her right lengthens dramatically from the iliac crest to her axilla as her head moves up and to her left, down the centerline of her body. Both her right and left shoulder girdle move back as evidenced by both arms releasing to a more lateral position. Rolfing helps create a better overall alignment with individuals which translates into better movement patterns with less pain. You Learn to pay attention to subtlety in your body which helps you to self-correct on your own to get a better alignment from your own repatterning through the process done here at Rolfing Iowa.

Better Balance

Posted on 04/28/2024 at 6:28 PM

Great session with my client in a before and after from a single session showing movement toward the vertical. We are working with clients to achieve better balance with an equal amount of body mass forward and behind an imaginary line which is not a plumb line and will be different for each person. In this picture you can see my clients left shoulder girdle move more anterior and her lateral line is much better. Prior to the session her left hip was elevated and after the anterior movement of the shoulder girdle and slight rotation toward her midline with her left shoulder girdle allowed her hips to move to a more horizontal presentation which is another primary goal in the Rolfing process.


Posted on 04/14/2024 at 10:37 PM

Nice before and after image from a single session showing rotational shift left to right for better alignment. His left leg moves medial allowing better support for his pelvis and his entire upper body moves to a better position. His left shoulder girdle moves anterior to posterior and simultaneously his right shoulder girdle moves posterior to anterior. His head follows along moving left to right with his head down the centerline of his body. In Rolfing we are trying to create more verticality and horizontality in various areas of the body and the pelvis being a primary area.

First Session Lengthening

Posted on 04/01/2024 at 11:24 AM

Very nice first session shift in a before and after from my clients first session. Although there is much work ahead with his lower leg structure it can wait until next session when it will be directly addressed. There is considerable expansion above his pelvis on both sides from each iliac crest all the way to the axilla on both sides. The movement is left to right and up and he is taller after his first session. His right foot moves medially which allows this significant shift and his right lower leg was more misaligned to begin with and will improve even more after his second session. Both gastrocnemius muscles of his legs are forward facing and will be encouraged to move to the back of each calf muscle as soon as the next session. It is hard to overstate the importance of feet and lower legs to a person’s overall alignment from a Rolfing perspective.

Noteworthy Movement

Posted on 03/20/2024 at 10:52 PM

Great shifts going on in this before and after with my client from a single session. Getting his left leg more supportive to his structure starting with his left foot resulting into more equal weight distribution into the ground. His left foot turns more toward the parallel which allows his lower leg muscles to move medially, as does his upper left thigh although to a lesser extent. His entire left leg is supporting his pelvis more horizontally. The new position of his left leg allows the left side of his body to raise up and his head moves to a more favorable position with length in the posterior neck and he is taller. The overall lift and more balance in his structure is noteworthy.

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