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Working with Asymmetry


Nice shift in this before and after picture of my client from a single session. One of the primary issues my client was seeking treatment for was aching in her lower left side of her back. In the after picture, you can see that she gets more space in her lower left side where there was more compression in the before picture. The length gained on her left side starts from the ground up to her head. Her left leg moves slightly medially supporting a more even pelvic girdle. More room in her left side between the hip crest and 12th rib area allows the length to go up her entire left side for a better shoulder girdle presentation left and right. In the process her head shifts left to right down the centerline for better placement. Here at Rolfing Iowa, I am working toward structural integration with people who come from all walks of life with different circumstances and hope to hear from you soon!

11/08/2022 9:43 AM
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