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Working with Polio


Amazing shift in this before and after session from a single session from my client who contracted Polio or poliomyelitis at two months of age. My client has tried massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy and was finding them helpful only temporarily so she decided she would try Rolfing® Structural Integration. With my client I had an open-ended approach as to what connective tissue is available to shift and if it could be supported over time which is the challenge for all of us without regard to the difficult conditions like Polio which add immensely to the complexity. Some of my client’s goals are to be less stiff and more mobile and we are making improvements in those areas as well as structural issues where available. In this session there is a lot of shifts. Her pelvis posteriorly is rotating left to right which goes up her spine and the shoulder girdle is rotating left to right from behind and on her left side she has limited use of her arm. In the after picture her head is more down the centerline of her body and is in a more balanced position on her shoulder girdle.

10/04/2022 3:05 PM
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