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Classic Second Session


It is hard to overstate the importance of the legs in the Rolfing paradigm. Here is an exceptional example of a significant shift in direction of the fascia and muscles of the lower legs in a single session. In a second session, we generally introduce the importance of the feet and how the walking gait pattern are generated from utilizing the feet as the primary mode for movement to create a more contralateral gait pattern in the hips. Rolling through the feet and pushing off the toe hinge transferring weight from outside to inside activating a smoother walking motion. Of course, when you have this much lateral rotation in the legs that pull goes all the way up into the hips to be addressed in a later session. With the gastrocnemius medially rotated and facing forward and shifting to the back of the lower leg where they belong is a longer-term project which we will continue approaching going forward.

Often this much shift is too much, and one gives back some of this gain but encouraging tissue direction over time can transition for the new position to hold which allows the shift to go up the body and lays the groundwork to keep moving upward. We plan to get the connective tissue to be more supportive with ease and avoid the strain that would occur when doing these interventions in a stilted or artificial way.

12/05/2022 3:14 PM
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