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Subtle Shifts Toward Integration


Very nice shift in this before and after picture from a single session. My clients right leg comes under her and adds more support to her structure starting at the right foot as it slightly rotates to a more parallel position which shifts the right lower leg's connective tissue, and that shift goes up and into the right hip as the entire right leg becomes more supportive in her pelvic girdle. This right sided shift allows more span or space into her left hip between the hip crest and 12th rib area which reveals a more horizontal pelvis which is one of the primary goals in Rolfing®. This movement in her left hip move all the way up to her left shoulder girdle area and her head shifts from tilting left to more down the centerline of her structure. This whole-body shift starts at her right foot and goes up her body to the head moving toward more integration in her overall structure which is the process-oriented bodywork of Rolfing®.

09/06/2022 9:43 AM
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