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Upslipped Hip


Here are some nice animated images from a single session and my client is showing a pelvic upslip on her left side.  She had been using a heel  lift in her right shoe for the last 30 years and is no longer using it after going through a Structural Integration process with me. You can notice her hips become more horizontal and the right side of her body lifts all the way up and her head is better balanced on her shoulder girdle. In my client base I have a significant number of people who have spent a relative fortune on a variety of lifts they can put in their shoes. In the Structural Integration process we come from the belief that we can change or lengthen the connective tissue so that is some circumstances the lift that clients are placing in their shoes are no longer necessary. It is also inconvenient to transfer the lift from one shoe to another considering most people have quite a few pairs of shoes. I have made it easier to go through a series by allowing packages that can be used individually or by families and friends in any combination. Contact us and make your appointment today. 

01/24/2015 5:13 PM
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