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Boston Marathon in April


Nice shift in these before and after pictures from a single session in my client who is an avid runner and getting ready for the Boston Marathon in April.  In the Structural Integration work we try to create horizontal hinges with the most verticality with support that a client can maintain. In these pictures you can see how his hips become more horizontal and his head moves up and to the right with a much clearer centerline. Creating a more aligned structure should be beneficial no matter no matter what sport or activity you are in involved in. Working with the integration theme requires involvement of the client and a commitment to practice more self-awareness on how they are creating patterns in their own body so that they have more ability and freedom to create new patterns that are more beneficial to all the things they might be involved in- running, walking, biking, swimming and all the things we do in motion including sitting. Contact us and make your appointment today. 

01/20/2015 5:13 PM
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