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Proprioception Again


Here are some nice shifts from these animated before and after pictures from a single session.  My client in his profession spends a lot of time on the phone and so the way he holds the phone creates a pattern in his body reflecting some of the imbalance. You can notice in the after picture the different orientation in his left side starting at the foot working all the way up his body to his head. There is less lateral turnout as his leg medially rotates to a more parallel position with support. Some of the patterns in our bodies are helped significantly from our own awareness of what we are doing with them and then modifying and changing positions to repattern our own structure.  Structural Integration suggests to clients that by being more aware with what they are doing with their body in their day to day activities can translate into helping them change some of the issues that have brought them into a session. Structural Integration bodywork combined with body awareness is an intelligent course of action to take.  I am making it easier for clients to enroll for a series by giving flexibility to choose the sessions for themselves, family or friends in any combination. Contact us and make your appointment today. 

04/04/2015 2:07 PM
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