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In these before and after pictures from a single session you can see some nice shifts in my client’s structure. There is much less flexion in his thighs which allows his torso to stack nicely on top of his pelvis and by releasing some of the upper back fascia we made room for his head to be better positioned on top of his shoulder girdle. Most clearly seen in the pictures is his neck repositioned so the posterior neck is lengthened and correspondingly the anterior neck is shortened with his vision more on the horizon. Part of the challenge is proprioception where sometimes what feels like the right position is actually not supported by your structure and creates an unbalanced relationship. Part of the challenge is paying attention to what you are doing with your body so is awareness based. Paying more attention to subtlety in your body and combining that with the Rolfing® Structural Integration fascial work prove to be a powerful combination. Take advantage in October and buy a package and use it for yourself, family and friends!

08/13/2014 2:14 PM
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