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Avoiding Lumbar Spinal Fusion


My client who is 60 years old has been active in the trades most of his career which was very hard on his body. Prior to coming to me he had been considering a lumbar fusion for degenerative discs. Since coming to me has been feeling better and reconsidering the surgery which he thought he was not going to be able to avoid. Since surgery is such a big decision with uncertain outcomes it is nice to be able to take time to consider all your options. Rolfing® Structural Integration bodywork can help in some of these situations to allow more time to evaluate if indeed surgery is the necessary road to take. His pain situation has improved markedly as we move through the process oriented Rolfing®Structural Integration process. Viewing the animated before and after pictures of this session you can see a more horizontal pelvis and the head more centered down the midline and  a more even length on the left and right side body. This kind of bodywork can give clients a “toolkit” to take with them long after the session has ended encouraging them to be the proactive agent toward their own health.

04/07/2014 5:10 PM
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