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2 Months Postpartum


In these before and after pictures from a single session you can see some nice shifts in my client 2 months after delivery. She had been suffering from chronic neck tightness and from this session you can see a much better neck alignment with a more normal cervical curve and her head more properly on top of her shoulder girdle with significant lift in the torso. Her upper back muscles were very tight and the hypertonicity created a situation of driving her head forward and by releasing the fascia in some of these areas it allowed room for her head to come back into more alignment. Rolfing®  Structural Integration is cumulative and gets better with time and shows to be an effective way of working with your body. Check out my website's internet special calendar page and take advantage of special pricing on a variety of time slots for past and current clients.

08/25/2014 5:13 PM
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