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Bringing the lumbars back


You can see in these animated before and after pictures from a single session a nice improvement in the direction of the lumbar spine as it moves posteriorly back in space allowing a shift all the way up his body through the shoulders, neck and head. His torso is stacked over his pelvis with more balance and his head is better positioned on the shoulder girdle with a lengthened posterior neck which allows the trajectory of his eyes to be more on the horizontal than tilted upward. In the before picture when the lumbar spine is positioned more anteriorly it makes my client appear heavier than he actually is. One of the benefits of going through the Structural Integration process is that by redirecting the connective tissue clients look better(often slimmer) and feel better, too. I am making it easier for clients to enroll in a series by giving flexibility to choose the sessions for themselves, family or friends in any combination.  Contact us and make your appointment today. 

04/20/2015 1:53 PM
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