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Balancing Weight in Structure


A nice shift in structure in this before and after picture from a single session. My client has been seeing a variety of practitioners using different therapies and she decided she wanted to try Rolfing since her progress had been limited before coming to me. My client was having trouble with walking and leading an active lifestyle like she had been in the past. Her walking is now improving, and she is experiencing less pain in the areas that were debilitating. We have been working on getting her right leg to bear weight and extend more into the ground.

As the pain has lessened, we have been making progress in that area. Because of all the issues in the right leg, you can see how she has off loaded her weight to her left side and in the after picture, more weight is allowed to transfer to her right side. There is more even weight distribution through her legs and her right leg is less laterally rotated with a more horizontal pelvis. Her shoulder girdle is more even and the distance on both sides of her body from the top of the iliac crests to the axillae more similar.

03/14/2023 2:11 PM
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