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Pain and Structure


Nice shift in my client in this before and after picture from a single session. My client has been experiencing significant pain in the last few years and had some surgical procedures without success to remedy her pain. She remained in pain after this session even though she showed a good shift in her structure. In the end a torn hamstring muscle was completely missed in her prior diagnosis. This session was done prior to the torn hamstring muscle being revealed in a later MRI. This brings me to the point of pain and structure. In the after picture her alignment is significantly better and in past blogs, I point out what is better as I could in this one but it is beside the point, my client can only focus on her pain.

Traditionally the Rolfing series was designed for taking clients through a multi session protocol where their pain issues often resolved even though it was never the focus of a particular session. Most clients come to me about pain issues and in all the variety ways they present. Rolfing differentiates itself from the various other modalities that exist in this regard-it changes people’s structure and often the pain aspects of why they came are diminished or relieved. Spot work is necessary for some people before they are comfortable enough to receive the series and I can and will do that as necessary and although Rolfing was not designed for spot work it is still all things considered very good at it much of the time.

02/02/2023 10:41 AM
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