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Embrace Change


Nice shift in this before and after image from a single session showing significant shift in height.

Working with increasing the span of the 12th rib to iliac crest relationship can in certain situations allow clients to reclaim more verticality that they have lost resulting effectively in measurable change. If one’s job requires considerable sitting this pattern can be a common one that Rolfing can most certainly address.

Rolfing helps you by steering you toward more adaptability and the process is steady often resulting in changes that clients can feel, see, and keep.

Rolfing Iowa remains a premier choice for those who are seeking full body integration in their structure and are involved in the quest to feel good again in their body. Change that builds session upon session allowing more fluid movement and less pain that can be felt and taken out of the individual session room and into the world you live in!

10/27/2021 3:14 PM
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