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Engaging the Transversus Abdominis



Nice shift in this before and after from a single session revealing the importance of engaging the transversus abdominis muscle a deep core muscle in the abdomen. Connection to this muscle can easily be lost and learning on how to reconnect to it will be part of the process going forward in the Rolfing® Structural Integration process-oriented bodywork.  Engaging the transversus abdominis helps my client in stabilizing part of her lumbar spine which was the area of primary complaint prior to her seeking out Rolfing to see if it could help her.  As her backline lengthens, there is less flexion in her thighs, and her shoulder girdle moves back, and she is taller. There is more support in her structure without effort which is another goal of the process toward integration.

09/08/2020 6:11 PM
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