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I have been working with my client Johanna off and on for the last 18 months and even though she is in the fitness industry and in very good shape she has benefitted from the work we have done together both in the Rolfing®Structural Integration work in combination with Pilates and with each separately.  She says,

“While I don’t have any major issues or ailments, I believe it is beneficial to have structural integration every now and then to help get the body into a healthier state. I also have enjoyed the private Pilates sessions with Frank to be beneficial to the mat-based classes I teach and take. I have referred several friends to Frank and all have had wonderful experiences. If you are feeling like you might be out of alignment or want to get your core in better health, consider a Structural Integration session and a Pilate’s session!”  Johanna’s web site is

In these before and after animated pictures from a single session you can see improvement  with less anterior tilt, less flexion in the thighs and less tension in the lower leg. Her trunk and shoulder girdle are better positioned over the pelvis and overall a better Structural Integration a.k.a. Rolfing line.

Johanna raises an important point in her quote above in relaying that she came to me without having any “major issues or ailments”.  Although I often see clients with pain issues, people can benefit greatly from this work without any particular complaint and this is something not everyone is aware of.  A person has to try a session to see if they like it-20% off in May for all new clients that book and pay for a session.

09/07/2013 5:11 PM
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