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So you want to be a professional Ironman Triathlete?


One need not be a professional Ironman Triathlete to benefit from the Rolfing® Structural Integration- but if you are you can certainly benefit. I have been working with professional Ironman Triathlete TJ Tollakson for a number of years. In these before and after images from a single session you can see the improvements. His left side is longer from the hips to the axilla and his trunk rotates right to left to enable his weight to go more evenly down his center. I asked TJ about his routine and he had this to say-

“As a professional Ironman triathlete I put my body through an arduous and demanding physical regimen that includes 13 miles of swimming, 300 miles of cycling, and 50 miles of running each week. I train about 30 hours per week during the season and 10-15 in the off season. Over my 10 year career as a professional I have logged thousands of miles in each sport and have battled injuries and overuse. I've had 3 hip surgeries to repair torn labrums, I fractured my clavicle in a cycling accident, and I have two bulging discs in my back. I rely on the Rolfing® Structural Integration from Frank Epstein in Des Moines IA to keep my body functioning at 100%. I am amazed at the results from every session and the before and after pictures that we review which help me confirm the changes I can feel and then see in the represented digital images. This comprehensive way of working with me helps my alignment and balance enabling me to perform at my best. I find it amazing how a very small change in body alignment affects the rest of your well-being. Being my best every day is what I get paid to do, and being my best means I need to see Frank Epstein on a regular weekly basis to make sure my body is optimally performing. I've been seeing Frank for almost 6 years and continue to make improvements in my results, that all stem from being more aligned and balanced.”  You can learn more about TJ at

Very few people lead a grueling physical schedule like a professional Ironman but most all of us can benefit from the Rolfing®Structural Integration although this kind of work remains relatively unknown in many areas of the country. Many people seeking to feel better in their bodies can at least try a session so give me a call to set up an appointment and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


04/25/2013 5:12 PM
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