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Combination Kyphosis-Lordosis Posture


In this example you can see my client before her 1st and after the 5th session showing transformation from a problematic distortion in posture which is a challenging task to remedy. After her 5th session her head is better positioned on the shoulder girdle and there is much less rounding of the shoulders and considerable less flexion in the thoracic spine as well as less hyper extension at the knee joint. The next piece of the puzzle is bringing the lumbar spine back to lessen the hyper extension. Working with clients this way is engaging and participatory with the idea of the whole body connection from head to foot. Rolfing® Structural Integration  is a powerful combination of manual manipulation and education that the client can take with them after their session is over. One does not need a complicated situation to benefit from this kind of work and I encourage all to try a session to see what Rolfing® Structural Integration can do for them!

10/28/2012 11:21 AM
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