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Nice before and after from a single session from a young athlete that was in town for a short time and so only had a single session with him and got some good improvement in his structure. His lateral line is much improved by reducing his locked leg profile allowing more play in the knee area and less flexion in his thigh. In Rolfing we are trying to have an equal amount of body mass forward and behind an imaginary lateral line that would be different for each person, so it is not a plumb line. In this example there is a more even amount of body mass behind and forward of his line with his head moving back which is helpful to his structure and his eyes remain level in trajectory.  Over time if I could work with him again would be able to make further gains in the Rolfing process. The goal is changing alignment toward integration which helps with many kinds of pain issues. Since this is process oriented bodywork, one needs to accept that it will take a multisession protocol otherwise it can quickly evolve into a different kind of spotwork which can be alright if one is educated on the difference and then chooses what direction they want to go. Various forms of spotwork are what is generally being offered in the health care marketplace by the variety of health care providers that work within the constraints of what insurance reimburses. Rolfing as it was designed is outside of the insurance network so not constrained by all their limitations which should be good for you!

07/09/2024 12:35 AM
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