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First Session Lengthening


Very nice first session shift in a before and after from my clients first session. Although there is much work ahead with his lower leg structure it can wait until next session when it will be directly addressed. There is considerable expansion above his pelvis on both sides from each iliac crest all the way to the axilla on both sides. The movement is left to right and up and he is taller after his first session. His right foot moves medially which allows this significant shift and his right lower leg was more misaligned to begin with and will improve even more after his second session. Both gastrocnemius muscles of his legs are forward facing and will be encouraged to move to the back of each calf muscle as soon as the next session. It is hard to overstate the importance of feet and lower legs to a person’s overall alignment from a Rolfing perspective.

04/01/2024 11:24 AM
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