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Working at cross-purposes with Bodybuilders


Nice before and after image from a single session with my bodybuilding client. Here you can see how reducing the flexion in his very developed thigh muscles allows his line to materialize better with more verticality. That line continues up his body and we made space for his head to move back and sit on top of his shoulder girdle without disturbing his eyes on the horizon orientation for an overall distinctly better lateral line presentation. In Rolfing we are attempting to create ease in a person’s structure with less strain. So, in some ways we are working at cross purposes with some of the goals of bodybuilders in general when they are working in concentric contraction creating more bulk or mass in certain muscle groups for effect in how they are judged in their performance routines. Bodybuilding is about building aesthetic muscle, so bigger physiques have always been admired.


12/11/2023 10:36 PM
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