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Trouble in the Lumbar Spine


Before and after image of my client from a single session showing improvement in her structure. She has more lift in the after picture and her head is slightly better positioned on top of her shoulder girdle and a little less flexion in her thigh. She looked good before the session and a little better in the after picture from the lateral line perspective. What’s not easily revealed in the pictures is the ongoing trouble she has been experiencing in her lumbar spine which is leading her to surgery.  Rolfing is still helpful prior to a surgery in many cases and is indicated after a surgery when a suitable amount of time has transpired. Working toward integrating a person’s structure is beneficial to people as a first line of defense to ward off all the potential problems that come our way over time. It is best to work with people before all the various issues develop. Mostly, I see people after the fact of their various injuries and long-term chronic pain patterns that have left an imprint in their body.

09/17/2023 11:08 PM
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