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Uncommon Patterns


This is a before and after picture from a single session from a client who has come to me experiencing chronic back pain. The pattern he is showing is less common in that his right leg is more laterally rotated and his right hip is more elevated.  In the after picturing his right leg has shifted more to a parallel position and his weight shifted more to his centerline which goes all the way up to his head.  His hips are more horizontal in the after picture which are one of the main goals in the Rolfing® Structural Integration process. Additionally, in the after picture the right lower leg muscles are more in alignment and not migrating medially toward the midline as in the before picture. My client reports he is pain free in his lower back which is what he originally came to me for. His structure which at times proved challenging to shift was potentially influenced from working in a different industry that was physically more demanding than his current occupation. Rolfing® is process oriented intelligent bodywork and I encourage all that have not experienced it to contact me to see how it can help their current situation.

02/09/2020 11:42 PM
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