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12th rib to hip crest shortness (when "love handles" aren't love handles).


My client who is 60 years old is in great shape with very little body fat. Often I come in contact with clients who are thin and present with some degree of “love handles” that have nothing to do with excess weight but rather the relationship between the 12th rib and iliac crest which is often short indicating a need for more span or space. My client had been an over the road truck driver for years which have compounded his problem.  Creating space where needed and changing relationships in a body are some of the themes of Rolfing® Structural Integration which offers its unique perspective on how to approach various issues that are causing distress with people. You can notice in these before and after pictures from a single session a more horizontal pelvis and increased space in his left hip between the 12th rib and hip crest significantly reducing the shortness in that area. Rolfing® Structural Integration is process oriented bodywork that can increase vitality and energy and pain issues often subside along the way.

09/25/2013 5:10 PM
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