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Boston Marathon 2014


My client Cade ran the Boston Marathon earlier this week on 4/21. You can see the shift in the before and after animation from a single session that shows a clear improvement with a more horizontal pelvis and his weight going down each leg more evenly. Cade runs with a group of runners ( whose goal is to run a marathon in 50 different states in under 4 hours. He has qualified for Boston for two years and has PR of 3:07 during the time he has been working with me. He feels his times have showed consistency and improvement when he comes on a regular basis. In the process of working with Cade we have worked with different issues along the way. When I look at Cade from a Structural Integration a.k.a Rolfing® perspective there are things that I notice that I would like to change but without regard to how much “integration” gets done his sessions with me help with his difficult running schedule.

Structural Integration can transform shapes and create more balance in a person’s structure by inviting more awareness of what they are doing with their body both inside and outside of work. There are many ways a person changes, I help the process through manual manipulation of the connective tissue and the clients continue to shift by their awareness of how they position their bodies in the field of gravity throughout the day. Sometimes I can get a dramatic physical shift and the client does not feel it that much and sometimes I get little physical shift and the client feels it tremendously. Sometimes the pictures we take help the client feel the shift when they can visually see it and sometimes not.  Because this work is experientially based you have to try it to see if you like it and after a single session you will most often know if it is the kind of work you want to pursue and it has to make sense to you all along the way. It is arguably some of the best bodywork you can find in today’s marketplace of choices.

12/26/2013 5:10 PM
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