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About Frank

Frank EpsteinFrank Epstein graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, Georgia in their Integrated Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy program and is a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. He also trained at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California in their Esalen style Swedish massage. He continued his education to become a Certified Advanced Rolfer® & Certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® He has taken numerous courses from a variety of Structural Integration Schools which enable him to give a comprehensive approach to his Structural Integration work. He has also gone through training in the STOTT Pilates program in Toronto on the reformer, cadillac, stability chair, arc and ladder barrel.

Frank has a B.A. from Drake University and is a member of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® and the American Massage Therapy Association. He has been practicing in the Des Moines community for the last twenty-five years.

“I approach bodywork as a partnership between my client and myself using breath and movement to address holding patterns and discomfort. My intention is to find where you are holding tension in your body and help you recognize it and release it through fascial manipulation. I see Rolfing Structural Integration as a way of reminding the body of its full potential to move more freely which increases ones vital energy throughout the body/mind system. Freeing the breath and finding greater freedom to move is an integral part of the process. I seek to provide an environment for your mind/body to find its own equilibrium.”

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